Man knows he’s in a bad way when he orders orange juice from McDonalds

Hockey: First Home Buyers need a good job that pays well, like People Smuggling


abbotFederal Treasurer Joe Hockey stated ‘I’m proud of my record in creating new jobs, especially high-paying ones’. With the help of Customs and Federal Police a new section of the work force will finally achieve their dreams of being able to enter the real estate market. It’s a simple process, we ask Customs to track people smuggling boats and simply say ‘Stop the Boats, we have some money for you, now go back’. With the money previously collected from desperate Rohingya refugees people smuggling is now what we at the Liberal party would say is a good enough job.


Burger King Sponsor Burger-King Wedding


Joel Burger and Ashley King will have all expenses of their upcoming wedding paid for by the fast food giant after news of their engagement went viral. Other couples have started posting their engagement news on line.

Jason Kentucky and Gillian Fried-Chicken
Mark Krispy and Joanna Kreme
Ben and Jerry, although Arizona says no.

Voters fondly remember time Australia had no government


bb954d92-556c-11e3-a7a5-15425b5b67eb_784380866--646x363Since the September 7 election Tony Abbot has taken his government from the popularity of a Bali holiday to the writhing agony of the tropical squirts. In just 100 days he has achieved the almost impossible task of disappointing every voter in Australia.

Marjorie Giswell of Cronulla, a pensioner and voter stated, ‘I haven’t been this disappointed in politicians since Rudd was in government and the time before that when Rudd was in government’.

Australians are deeply disappointed over the Indonesian spying scandal, the ‘triple-backflip’ over education funding, the proposed sale of GrainCorp, Operation Sovereign Borders and Christopher Pyne.

Marjorie Giswell continued, ‘I saw on telly those Indonesian fellas burning the Australian flag and I thought to myself, “yeh, why not” ‘

Such is the level of disappointment Australian voters feel that many are looking back to August 2006 when there was no government for three weeks. During this time of a hung parliament, the two major parties negotiated desperately with Independents to win the balance of power. From the election of August 21 till the minority government was sworn in on Sept 14, there were 23 glorious days of a government-free Australia.

This has become known as the golden-age of Australian federal politics as the country powered on regardless with no-one at the reigns.




Liberals to raise debt ceiling after success in raising glass ceiling

Joe_Hockey_600Treasurer Joe Hockey announced that the Coalition is hoping to aggressively legislate an increase of the Commonwealth Government debt limit to $500 billion.

‘People think I’m a cute and cuddly Treasurer but I lead from my gut, from my groin. When it comes to the debt-ceiling think of my pelvic floor.’ he stated.

‘I’m so tough, people call me ‘Ice’ Hockey, Ice is my nickname l’m a Maverick, okay I got the two guys from Top Gun mixed-up, but you know what I mean I’m hot and looking for action like the volleyball scene.’ explained the Member for North Sydney.

The new Coalition government has taken a lot of heat for trying to look tough. They were roundly criticised for only having one female Minister with a portfolio, that of Julie Bishop the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Hockey reacted to this criticism by saying ‘Yes but we’ve got a female Speaker, the other Bishop, Bronwyn. Technically as the Speaker she doesn’t get a vote and Julie Bishop while keen to vote is usually out of the country.

Hockey who today completed positive back-to-back meetings with Treasury and the Labor party was seen leaving Parliament House singing ‘Lets get Fiscal, Fiscal, I want to get Fiscal’


Four more crappy Australian naval vessels given to Sri Lanka, President begs Abbott to ‘Stop the Boats’

5097714-16x9-340x191The Australian Navy has given another batch of its old, outdated naval boats to Sri Lanka. This was met with a plea by Sri Lankan President Mahendra Rajapaksa to please stop.

‘Yes it is nice to get things for free but please stop giving us your unwanted junk’ he stated. ‘We are not the charity bin of the Asia-Pacific’.

‘Australia has an outdated, aging and rusty fleet that they need to get rid of’, Scott Morrison the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has previously said, adding ‘like Tony Abbott I’m not going to say sorry’.

A letter was sent by the Sri Lankan President to Tony Abbott today begging him to Please Stop the Boats. Scott Morrison replied via twitter asking if he’d be interested in one of our Collins Class Submarines.

To the Manus Island off-shore Processing Centre in PNG the Australian Navy has given 9 pairs of old boat shoes.